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Strangers on Omegle

I know im not an portugis, but i hope the stranger dont disconnect me, and, hm, well, i talk im portugis Stranger: hi You: me dê seus olhos, thanks Stranger: I'm sorry, i dont understand the language you're speaking in You: gimme your eyes, thanks Stranger: I'd rather not Stranger: they're kind of valuable Stranger: I mean I use them to see You: im speak portugal Stranger: Without the world of sight I would suffer Stranger: when I die I will not have smelled it coming You: but i need two eyes for see. i cant see after born Stranger: how are you typing You: dont disconnect me please, i want chat with freak stranger, same as me, im freak stranger :D Stranger: do you lick your monitor Stranger: smell your keys? You: i have helper beside me You: she type here. and she tell me whats do you say. Stranger: that's rather nice of her Stranger: so what would you like to discuss? You: hmm... i can't make topic. lets ya think? Stranger: hmm Stranger: What is your opinion on hom…