Strangers on Omegle

 I know im not an portugis, but i hope the stranger dont disconnect me, and, hm, well, i talk im portugis
Stranger: hi
You: me dê seus olhos, thanks
Stranger: I'm sorry, i dont understand the language you're speaking in
You: gimme your eyes, thanks
Stranger: I'd rather not
Stranger: they're kind of valuable
Stranger: I mean I use them to see
You: im speak portugal
Stranger: Without the world of sight I would suffer
Stranger: when I die I will not have smelled it coming
You: but i need two eyes for see. i cant see after born
Stranger: how are you typing
You: dont disconnect me please, i want chat with freak stranger, same as me, im freak stranger :D
Stranger: do you lick your monitor
Stranger: smell your keys?
You: i have helper beside me
You: she type here. and she tell me whats do you say.
Stranger: that's rather nice of her
Stranger: so what would you like to discuss?
You: hmm... i can't make topic. lets ya think?
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: What is your opinion on homosexuals
You: its... nasty?
You: mm.. sorry, its only my opinion. whats about yours?
Stranger: Well, I am a homosexual, so I think they're about as normal as heterosexuals
You: o. what do you feel 'bout that?
Stranger: I feel fine and normal
You: some east people say its abnormal. but its only they opinion.
Stranger: Yeah, everyone has their own opinion
Stranger: but sciences have proven that being gay is just a natural thing for many people
You: sorry i speak portugal n i so bad in english ._.
You: yeah, everyone has their own opinion, you right
Stranger: oh, it's fine. A different inflection upon my language is alright, as long as I can understand it somewhat
Stranger: and your english is okay compared to a lot of peoples'
You: thanks for your opinion. but lot of my friend say my english is so bad ._.
Stranger: some people in america speak worse
Stranger: so dont feel too down
Stranger: just keep trying, you're doing pretty good
You: thanks. lets science talk again, i love science ^_^
Stranger: okay so in reference to science having proven homosexuality to be natural, a research has shown that the gland that interprets smells and human pheramones responded positively to men's pheramones for gay men, and not at all to women's pheramones. The gland is seperate from the concious brain and only sends responses. The person's body, and not mind, is attracted to men.
You: yeah, its naturally. but do you think it same with lesbian?
Stranger: probably
Stranger: a lot of sexuality studies focus around men for some reason
You: your smart strangers!. I seldom meet smart strangers like you!.
You: *your smart stranger!. I seldom meet smart stranger like you!. ._. *false again*
Stranger: I guess I'm kind of smart
Stranger: you're pretty smart too
You: thanks ;). Whats your job? scientist?
Stranger: I'm in college right now. I dont have a job yet.
You: oh, i guess you are scholar, right? ._.
Stranger: kind of
You: Wah, amazing. Im joblessness and im not a scholar ._.. Im only have my helper beside me, and lot friends :(
Stranger: well, it's good that you have many friends and a helper to assist you
You: can i save our conversation? I want to show its to my friends! ^_^
You: yes its right.
Stranger: yeah, you can save it if you want
Stranger: It's great though that so many people help you! It's a great display of human sympathy and compassion
Stranger: I'd definitely want people to help me and be friends with me if I couldnt see.
You: thanks a lot!
You: I know its so hard, but this time to says goodbye, i want go to doctor now, thanks for our great conversations, bye, i hope we can meet again! *sad*. Bye!
Yeah, semua diatas itu bahasanya emang gak sopan, dan saya sudah bilang, east people think its nasty. Omegle can make a nice experience!


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