Bizzare Thought

I know it's been so long...
That e-mail was received when i was on my 10th grade...
And the feeling have faded, I swear. It's simply because of himself showing that he's not really into me... and as the time passes, I accept that fact too.
But, sometimes... just sometimes. I still re-read his e-mail. Because, I just love when someone likes the way I think... plus he said that I'm his most believable friend (?) *nawnsihripenglishbgtsorry*
Yeah, but my most favorite thing until now is when someone liking the way I think. I feel like there's something out from my physics could be appreciated by another people... I don't know why, but it is my real-most-favorite things. I love it. Anybody feel me?...
Here, just read this:
"diantara yg lain, teman teman, kamu lah yg paling aku terpercaya~ aku suka banget dirimu ituuu, suka sama pemikirannya"
I know, words (especially in e-mails) could be created easily and free, it's up to you if you really tell the truth with the words, vice versa.
But, it's still my favorite part of his e-mail lol. Because until now, I still haven't found anyone who like the way I think again, I even have got bullied for my own thoughts instead lol. That's the main reason why I still re-read that e-mail; for making myself remember, if someone ever appreciated the way I thought. Although I'm not really sure, if it's a truth or just a bullshit.

It's beautiful 
when you find someone that 
is in love with your mind. 
Someone that wants to undress your conscience and 
make love to your thoughts. 
Someone that wants 
to watch you slowly take down 
all the walls you've built up 
around your mind and 
let them inside. 


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